Aerial Antics

Aerial Antics

Can you handle a jetpack?


  • Very realistic movements
  • Easy to play
  • Original gameplay


  • Scenery gets very boring


Aerial Antics is a curious and original game that challenges you to overcome a series of tests to enter into a circus of aerial acrobatics.

To achieve this objective you control a powerful propulsion backpack that you wear on your back - a jetpack basically. The goal is to reach a certain point - usually a sort of target - but to do so you may have to overcome all kinds of distances. The various levels are also complicated with additional obstacles that can be weather-night, wind, rain or specific challenges that you must overcome. Only by fulfilling all the requirements of the mission can you move onto the next mission. Controlling the jetpack is harder that you might imagine - you have to be very sensitive on the controls which are keyboard based. The best thing about this game is the sheer control you have and the distances you can travel with the pack. The controls are simply the cursors and the spacebar for power and the movements are incredibly realistic. The graphics are designed using "Cell-Shading" techniques which allow you to see the whole scene, as well as the character, in a cartoon animation style.

A great game although the only problems is that the levels are very boring in terms of the scenery as you move through the levels.

You have always dreamed of flying high! Now is your chance! The Aerial Antics Circus is holding tryouts to find the best rocket pack pilots for its new attraction!

Can you learn to fly with the best? You must pass 50 challenging tests in five different locales. If you succeed you will be the next Aerial Antics superstar performer! With awesome physics based gameplay, tons of unbelievable features and the unbelievable Ghost Racer, Aerial Antics is a gaming treat for all!

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